People, Places and Faces

ingilbysnewsOver the past twelve months we have been celebrating 700 years of the Ingilbys at Ripley.

This is our final and largest event… and probably the most exciting. Javan Liam has been taking photographs for us, and indeed many of our clients and friends, for many years and we think he has an extraordinary talent. This exhibition gives us all the chance to enjoy the People Places and Faces lucky enough to be caught by his lens.

When we came up with the title People Places and Faces it seemed a natural progression to the other reason that we are all here tonight. The image of Pammie Roberts face to face with her late husband Peter’s mask sums up some of the chilling reality of love and loss. Brain tumours are killers more often than not and are the most underfunded of all the cancers. The two charities Candlelighters and Andrea’s Gift have undertaken to build a research laboratory in Leeds and Pammie has set up The PPR Foundation to fund the highest calibre researcher. In this way we all believe we can make a difference to both treatment and cure. It is our pleasure to give her the opportunity to launch her appeal tonight.