Volunteer Oscars – 2013

november2013-2Friday November 1st was a fantastic evening for The Six PPR Ladies. The Volunteer Oscars Awards Ceremony took place at The Old Swan Hotel in Harrogate and they were pronounced the winners! They are now the proud owners of the Harrogate Unsung Heroes award and title. I am so proud of these six ladies who all had their husbands prematurely snatched away from them because they all had a GBM 4 Brain Tumour.

One by one, they joined me at The PPR Foundation and they work tirelessly to raise funds to enable us to support three research members of staff at The Brain Tumour Research Lab situated in St James’ Hospital in Leeds. Many congratulations to Irene, Jetta, Elaine, Rosie, Margaret and Pauline. I am so proud of them all, an Oscar so well deserved!

These ladies were of course six of the seven widows, who, like me, had their husbands cruelly and prematurely snatched away from them by a GBM 4. We do however have other volunteers who are so invaluable to The PPR Foundation. Paula, who spent 12 years with Barnardo’s in charge of their regional fund raising, brings a wealth of experience and wise counsel to us all at PPR; we would be lost without her. Sue, who trained and worked as a nurse for many years, spent much of her time in neurosurgical ward and cared for many brain tumour patients. It is wonderful for us to have a medical professional on board at PPR. Both Paula and Sue have lost very close friends to a brain tumour and are totally committed to our cause. Then there is Asia, a young lady from Poland who three years ago had only but a few words of English: (she has studied really hard to refine her communication skills). Sadly Asia discovered earlier this year that her friend from Poland, Karolina was suffering from a GBM 4 and this prompted her to become involved with The PPR Foundation.

They too are Unsung Heroes as their devotion to our cause and the time and effort that they put in is relentless; we would be considerably less effective without them. They get my Oscar every time!